New Laptop? Get its best experience!

New Laptop? Get its best experience!

New Laptop? Get its best experience!

Getting a new laptop is such an intensive experience these days!

Going through new features, make, model, size, RAM, battery, refurbished, new there are lots of choices to make.

However, after finally deciding and buying one, doesn’t it feel great?

In the first few months it works smoothly, but after that, doesn’t the honeymoon period end?

We have a couple of tips for you, which will not only increase the efficiency and safety of your laptop but also make your honeymoon period last longer!

1. Update the Operating System.

Whether your model was bought online or offline, it has been in the warehouse for some time before reaching you.

For its best efficiency, it is important to upgrade the operating system, with any existing updates.

For Windows, it can be checked in Settings> Update & Security.

For Mac, in Apple Menu, go to System Preferences> Software Updates.

2. Get a cover for the Laptop camera.

It is important to cover the camera of the laptop to save it from any unexpected smudges as well as for privacy and cybersecurity issues.

3. Configure Automated Backups

Before saving all your precious files on your favorite new device, it would be wise to check how they will be backed up.

Windows 10 itself has a local storage backup option in file history. Mac also has the option of the time machine backup tool.

 Apart from that, storing your data in an external hard drive or external SD card is also a smart way to go about it.

 4. Remove Bloatware

Bloatware is software that is already preloaded into the operating system which is unwanted or unnecessary.

This is mostly in the case for laptops, in which games are already downloaded, not leaving space for your favorite apps.

5. Configure Anti-theft tools.

Anti-theft tools which rely on on-location services such as Find my Device (Windows) or Find my Mac (Mac) are a lifesaver if anything happens to your laptop.

Configure and keep them switched on today for a safer tomorrow.

 6.Review Anti- Virus Tools

Windows 10 comes with Windows defender, but Mac and Linux machines don’t come with any antivirus built-in.

 There is a plethora of anti-virus software’s out there, choose one which covers your machine for a long time in a cost-effective manner.

7. Get a laptop sleeve.

It would be surprising to note this, but one of the most damaging long-term effects on the laptop, is not intensive usage, but due to the dirt and dust particles that have crept in through its systems.

  A laptop sleeve will protect your laptop from long-term damage caused by dust, enabling it to run more smoothly and efficiently for a longer period.

8. Configure its power settings.

In the process to purchase a new laptop, many consumers look for an efficient battery.

The logic is simple, the longer the battery lasts, the better the portability of the laptop.

It is important to see settings such as brightness, which does not put a strain on your eyes and neither the phone's battery.

Go through all the major settings, which put a strain on your new laptop’s battery, and optimize them, respectively.

What are you waiting for?

Overall, these tips may seem a little time-intensive, but remember, it is just an investment for the future safety and efficiency of your laptop.

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