Product Conditions
Product Conditions
Brand new
Brand New

These products are completely brand new and come in the original manufacturer’s packaging with all the necessary documents and accessories!

Warranty: All our Brand New products are secured with Manufacturer's Warranty

Certified Open-box

These products are essentially direct returns to the manufacturer with some signs of usage. They are thoroughly tested for functionality, certified, and re-packaged by the manufacturer itself in general packaging to be sold again.

Warranty: All our certified open-box products are secured with 6 months teckzu warranty


These products are trade-ins or returns with negligible to moderate signs of usage. Our trusted and certified experts at Teckzu then deeply examine, re-condition, and certify these devices after performing 30+ critical tests to ensure 100% functionality. They are then further segregated into three different grades, Platinum, Gold and Silver, based on their cosmetic condition/appearance.

Warranty: All our renewed products are secured with 3 months / 1 year warranty teckzu warranty


These pre-owned products are fully functional with extensive signs of usage, but a great value for money! They are tested and deeply examined by our certified experts to ensure optimal device experience.

Warranty: All pre-owned products are secured with a minimum of 3 months teckzu warranty


Our Packaging

All our renewed devices are securely packaged with 100% recycled and biodegradable material to protect our environment!


We further classify our renewed products into three grades so you can select exactly what you are looking for!


The Gold category devices are fully functional. They may have negligible sings of usage on the exterior body and display screen; however, these marks are not prominently visible. The screen glass is intact and original. The device is tested for functionality and cleanliness. If budget is your priority but you are keen to get your hands on a new smart device, then this is the best option for you!

  • The device has minimal signs of usage on the exterior
  • It comes with a generic charging cable and power adapter.
  • 3 months / 1 year limited warranty on the device by teckzu.


The look and feel of Platinum grade devices are exactly like new. They are fully functional with no damages or dents on the exterior body or display screen. The glass panel is intact, original and scratch-free. The device is carefully examined by a certified refurbishing expert on the highest standard criteria of functionality, cleanliness, inspection and casing.

  • The device has absolutely no signs of usage, it is flawless and is in mint condition.
  • It comes with a generic charging cable and power adapter.
  • 3 months / 1 year limited warranty on the device by teckzu.


The Silver category devices are fully functional. There are minor visible signs of usage on the exterior body and display of the device which will not be visible once the screen is on. The screen is original, it has not been replaced and the device did not endure any water damage. The functionality of the device is tested by a certified refurbisher.

  • The device has ordinary signs of usage with few visible scratches
  • It comes with a generic charging cable and power adapter.
  • 3 months / 1 year limited warranty on the device by teckzu.

Everything you need to know about Brand New,
Pre-owned, renewed and Certified Open-Box devices!

Brand New
Certified Open-Box
Product Condition
Brand New Never Been Used
Certified Open-box Minimal signs of usage
Pre owned Moderate to High signs of usage
Platinum No signs of usage
Gold Minimal signs of usage
Silver Moderate signs of usage
Brand New Manufacturer's Warranty
Certified Open-box 6 Months teckzu warranty
Pre owned 3 Months teckzu warranty
Platinum 3 months/1 year Teckzu Warranty
Gold 3 months/1 year Teckzu Warranty
Silver Moderate signs of usage
Return Window
Brand New 14 days
Certified Open-box 14 days
Pre owned 7 days
Platinum 14 days
Gold 14 days
Silver 14 days
Brand New New
Certified Open-box Original
Pre owned New and Compatible
Platinum New and Compatible
Gold New and Compatible
Silver New and Compatible
Brand New Original Packaging
Certified Open-box Generic Packaging by Manufacturer
Pre owned Generic Packaging
Platinum Teckzu Packaging
Gold Teckzu Packaging
Silver Teckzu Packaging