Protect the technology that keeps you connected

With teCare enjoy peace of mind with the wide-ranging advance protection plan
for your smart devices for 1 year.

What is covered with teCare?

Cracked Screen & Accidental Physical Damage

Mechanical Failures & Manufacturer Defects

Loss & Theft Protection

Liquid Damage

Repair or Replacement Guaranteed

tecare covered
tecare covered
tecare covered
tecare covered

How to add
teCare to your device?

Click on the product you wish to buy
Select Advance Protection
Head to checkout and complete your purchase
Your plan will be automatically activated once you’ve received your device

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Hope we have answered them!
  • What is teCare?

    teCare is a Subscription-based model powered by Protect4Less that that allows you to buy unmatched device protection benefits for your cherished mobile phone and other electronic products you own.

  • What devices does teCare cover?

    You can cover your mobile phones with accidental damage, mechanical or electrical failure and theft by forced entry.

  • Are there any charges that I need to pay for the repair or replacement of my device?

    There are no charges for repair of mechanical or electrical failures. For accidental damage claims like those for liquid damage, cracked screen, etc there are pre-defined fixed claim fees.

  • How does the claim/repair process work?

    The claim repairs as follows: -
    • If you wish to raise a claim, please send an email to support@teckzu.com with your order number and the issues you are facing with the device.
    • We will process your claim in 24 hours or max 48 hours.
    • You can drop off your device at an authorized service center or it will be picked up from you for a minimal fee.
    • Once your device is fixed, you will be notified to collect it or it will be delivered to you for a minimal fee.
  • How many claims can I file?

    You can utilize 2 claims per year.

  • What happens after I file a claim?

    You will be provided a Claim Reference Number against your claim with details of the service center that you had chosen from a list of centers while opening the claim. Drop your device for repairs at that service center using your Claim Reference Number, or it will be picked up by the service center if you had selected pickup and drop off while filing your claim.

  • What happens after I deliver my item to a Service Center / Collection Point?

    You will be provided a receipt with an approximate date of completion of repairs. You will be sent an email at every stage of repair and you can also check the status of your repairs online.

  • How will I know if my claim has been approved or rejected?

    You will be notified at every stage of the claim via email.

  • What happens to my item after my claim is approved?

    After approval, the unit will get repaired and you will be notified on the same by email.

  • What do I do if my claim is rejected?

    All legitimate claims are processed by Protect4Less. In the event that your damage or repair cannot be claimed as part of Protect4Less coverage, the Service Centers will be happy to fix your device after taking approval from you on the cost of repairs.

  • How can I find the IMEI/ Serial No. for my item?

    For smartphones and cellular tablets, we ask for an IMEI instead of a serial number. See below the different ways to find your IMEI:

    • Dial *#06#* on your phone. The IMEI should display on your screen.
    • For cellular iPads, iPhone 5 and newer models, the IMEI is printed on the back of your phone, at the bottom.
    • If your device has a removable battery, look for the IMEI number printed beneath the battery.
    • If you are unable to turn on your device, check the barcode of the box your device came in.