Samsung Galazy S10 5G Review

Samsung Galazy S10 5G Review

Samsung Galazy S10 5G Review

The Galaxy S10 5G is the largest, most innovative, and costly smartphone in Samsung’s existing models intended not just at being “the 5G one” but also the finest one.

The device will astound you with its speed that you could only imagine.

The device positions the unchallenged power, speediness, and connectivity of Sprint's 5G networks to work for you.  So you'll be able to stream your favorite movies, shows, and games with a more rapid speed than 4G.

Design & Display

The Filmic Endlessness Display of the Samsung S10 5G is really attractive, as you’d anticipate for a topmost Samsung device: bright, crisp and vibrant with amazing viewing angles.

It is not as bright or sleek as the fantastic 90Hz screen on the One Plus 7 Pro but superior to all the rest.

It’s larger, denser, and consists of more cameras and sensors on the back and front than the S10+.

The large 6.7 inches Dynamic AMOLED screen is designed to deliver an immersive, cinematic experience with genuine, yet lively colors and diminishes blue light to make it more relaxed on the eyes.

Just like the 4G model, you need to tap your screen to unlock it. The Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID is fixed in the display and keeps you protected consuming sound waves to sense the edges of your fingertip in 3D.

36-hour battery life

The S10 5G has the biggest battery in Samsung’s S10 existing devices and so stays for the longest at 36 hours between charges.

The S10 5G also charges more quickly than Samsung’s other devices with a 25W charger contained within the box.

It charges up to 90% within an hour, which is still not the fastest charging phone but is a substantial enhancement over other Samsung devices.


The pro-grade camera assists you in capturing high-quality images in a flash! 

The S10 5G comprises of six cameras boosted with intelligence so you can click effortlessly stunning shots.

 The 16MP Ultra-wide lens allows you to capture exactly what you are viewing with its 123-degree field of vision.

Front Dual 3D Depth Sensing Camera enables pro-portraits that capture every tiny detail through its two front-facing lenses rooted in the Infinity Display.

Lastly, let's not forget about filming movies!

 You can now shoot films in Ultra Wide, taking your video-making abilities to a higher level with the pro-grade, soft, out-of-focus camera feature known as bokeh.

Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G could be the finest 5G phone around in the market. Its camera is considered to be one of the most steady and flexible smartphone cameras we’ve ever examined, and the background de-focus effects it produces are first-class as well, all thanks to its ToF (time of flight) sensors.

The display is also immense and fine-looking.

 Everything about this phone feels exceptionally superior & classy.

If 5G isn’t what you are exactly looking for, then the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus would make a superb substitute, but if you want to be future-proofed and are fine with paying for the extravagance, the S10 5G is a great option.

If you are looking for a more affordable choice, grab our Renewed Samsung S10 5G from Teckzu that comes with 1-year limited warranty.

It’s a great option you wouldn’t want to miss!

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