AirPods Pro Tips & Features

AirPods Pro Tips & Features

AirPods Pro Tips & Features

The AirPods Pro comes with awesome features: active noise cancellation, transparency mode, enhanced sound quality, silicone tips designed for a more comfortable fit, and water-resistant design.

If you are thinking of purchasing the AirPods Pro, there are many hidden features that you may not know about.

We have listed down some of the best tips and tricks that will help let you get the most out of it.

1. Hey Siri!

Siri can mechanically broadcast each arriving message or calls while you are using the AirPods Pro. This means you do not have to check your iPhone every Minute you receive a new message. And with Hey Siri support, you can simply use Siri to reply to messages.

2. Audio Sharing

This feature permits you to join several sets of AirPods on your iPhone or iPad.

This means you can listen to the same thing with someone else, which is particularly beneficial for times when you’ll like to watch a movie or TV show together.

3. Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio basically enables surround sound to your AirPods.

This function uses directional audio filters to “play sounds practically anywhere in space, thus generating a fascinating sound experience.”

This will put surround channels correctly in the exact spot, even as you turn your head or move your device.

4. Ear Tip Fit Test

Unlike the regular AirPods, the AirPods Pro can effortlessly fit by changing to an in-canal design with three sets of replaceable tips for small, medium, and large ear canal sizes.

The Ear Tip Fit Test will help guide you to decide which of the three size tips will provide the best seal and sound

5. Noise Cancellation

If you are in a noisy environment, the AirPods Pro provides two different listening methods that can aid in compressing down on background noise.

 Transparency mode softens the background noise to an extent where you’ll be aware of your surroundings without interfering with your audio whereas Noise cancellation completely blocks out all background sounds where you want to be able to hear your audio.

6. Live Listen

AirPods Pro‌ support Apple's "Live Listen" feature, which uses your ‌iPhone‌ as a microphone and transmits what the ‌iPhone‌ picks up to the earbuds, even if the ‌AirPods‌ are in another room!

7. Force Sensor

Within each of the AirPods Pro stems is a force sensor. This new sensor substitutes the tapping signal found on the original AirPods that could dislocate an earpiece.

One press can play/pause music or answer a call, two presses will bounce to the next song, three presses will go back, and an extended hold will change modes from noise-canceling to transparency.

Not much pressure is required to activate.

When you've done, you can hear a tiny click from the earpiece.

8. Improve Sound Quality

You can now enhance your audio experience by boosting softer sounds & certain frequencies with a new feature introduced in iOS 14 known as Headphone Accommodations.

For a balanced tone, you can adjust the frequencies as per your taste.

You may want to try playing music, podcasts, etc from your own library to determine which settings work best for you.

9. Check Battery Life

Whenever you want to make sure that your AirPods Pro and the charging case have sufficient charge left, unlock your iPhone or iPad and open the case next to your device with the AirPods inside it.

 A Popup will appear, showing the charge level of each AirPods and the case.

10. Find Misplaced or Lost Airpods

If you lose or misplace your ‌AirPods Pro‌, you can find their last known location in the “Find My app” on your iPhone.

The last place the AirPods were connected will be shown on the map – tap Directions to get directions to the last known location.

Final Verdict

If you're an iPhone user and have been toying with the idea of going true wireless with your earbuds, then the Apple AirPods Pro is a great choice.

If you are looking for a more affordable choice, Teckzu offers a certified open-box AirPods Pro that comes with a 6-month warranty.

What are you waiting for? Shop now!


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