Buying Refurbished Apple Products: What You Should Know

Buying Refurbished Apple Products: What You Should Know

Buying Refurbished Apple Products: What You Should Know

Apple is one of the biggest, most valuable and famous brands in the world, thanks to its lineup of iOS devices. Its different models of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, and watches never fail to entice people to buy them. Current users do not hesitate to upgrade their gadgets or add to their tech collection whenever a new product is launched.

Its globally-known brand name, however, is one of the main reasons why Apple’s latest products are always the most expensive in the market.

A Budget-Friendly Option to Own the Latest Apple Device

If owning the newest Apple gadget (or a recent model) is beyond your budget, there is still a way for you to get one without breaking the bank: buying a refurbished device.

Purchasing renewed Apple products, though, is not the first thing that comes to mind if you are in the market for a new gadget. There are several misconceptions about buying refurbished devices so only a few people consider this option.

Buying a refurbished iPhone 7 or any other Apple device, however, is a smart decision, whether you are under the budget or not.

We have compiled below the top reasons why you should consider shopping for a refurbished Apple gadget and other facts to help you understand these products:

1. Refurbished Apple devices look and work like brand new units

Although the word “refurbished,” “reconditioned,” “re-manufactured,” or “renewed” accompanies the device, it will still look and function like an off-the-shelf brand new product.

This is because Apple devices that are renewed are pre-owned or previously used as display models with no damage to their body and screen. Heavily dented or scratched gadgets or ones with severely damaged chips that can’t be repaired are never accepted by refurbishing specialists.

And even if the gadget passes the initial inspection test, it will still undergo several strict ones to ensure it works properly.

All these are done by qualified experts to ensure the Apple device functions optimally and looks brand new even if it is not.

2. All refurbished Apple products undergo a battery of tests

As mentioned, renewed Apple devices go through a variety of tests to ensure they function properly, look great, and last for years.

All devices undergo a product quality check first. Under this stage, an expert will inspect the body and screen of the gadget. If it passes, it will go through data sanitation and a battery check.

Under these two processes, existing data will be erased from the device and the battery replaced if it does not meet the standard requirements.

Next, the Apple gadget will undergo technical testing to check for any technical failures. If there are any, the refurbishing expert will repair or replace the part causing the malfunction.

Once all tests are completed, product specialists will conduct a rigorous final check to ensure the critical parts and features, which include the battery, display, and sound of the device are of excellent quality. The gadget is cleaned thoroughly as well.

All these are done before it is packaged and prepared for sale.

3. Renewed devices are cleaned and sanitized before being packaged

Many people are also hesitant about buying refurbished products since they are not brand new and hence, possibly unsafe or unhygienic. But even without a pandemic, a pre-owned Apple device is safe to own.

Aside from sanitizing the data, product specialists will clean the device inside and out thoroughly.

Whether it is a refurbished iPad, iPhone, or Mac, these specialists will clean the internal parts of the device. Additionally, they will polish the screen and remove the dirt from ports and keyboard, when necessary.

Lastly, they will sanitize all the surfaces of the Apple product and its box once it is ready to be sold.

4. Refurbished Apple products have a warranty

Although renewed devices are not brand new and are generally affordable, they still come with a warranty.

All the refurbished products we carry here at Teckzu come with a six-month warranty.  This is to assure our customers that all our devices are of excellent quality and free from defects.

Our licensed technicians carry out all warranty repairs. If your device cannot be repaired and it is still under warranty, we can give you a full refund.

5. Buying renewed devices is a sustainable practice

If you want to help more in saving and preserving the environment, you won’t go wrong with purchasing a refurbished Apple product.

By buying something that is already in the market, you avoid getting one that is still unboxed and unused, thereby helping reduce waste. You also prevent an electronic product from releasing toxic chemicals, which can happen if it is thrown in the landfill.

Additionally, when more people buy pre-owned electronic devices, more raw materials are preserved. And this helps reduce the need to mine or produce supplies that can also harm the environment.

6. Refurbished Apple products are more affordable

The biggest reason to buy a renewed Apple device is it is more affordable than a brand new one.

When you opt for a refurbished Apple device, you can save at least 30 percent of the original retail price of the new product. If you buy from our store, you can also get a discount and even free shipping, which means you can save more money.

Even if you don’t have a big budget but want to get an Apple device, you can do so if you choose a refurbished one.

We hope this article has helped you get a clearer understanding of renewed electronic products and the benefits of buying them.

If you are ready to own your first refurbished iPhone or iPad, visit our Apple page.

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