Must-Have Tech Essentials for Back to School

Must-Have Tech Essentials for Back to School

Must-Have Tech Essentials for Back to School

It’s time to bid Farewell to summer shenanigans and say hello to backpacks, exams, and dorm life.

Yes, the days are getting shorter, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun accumulating a list of back-to-school fashionable devices.

Here’s our list of top tech essentials every student must have for another successful academic year.

1) Noise-canceling Headphones

No matter which university you’re enrolled in, back-to-school is always a chaotic time for every student.

Between blending with new roommates, making new acquaintances, and maneuvering your way around a new campus, it can be challenging to discover a noiseless place to catch up on your studies and assignments without disturbances.  

That’s where noise-canceling headphones accurately outshine at sounding off uninvited distractions.

The Beats Studio 3 or the JBL noise-canceling headphones are designed to clear away the outside interruptions of the world, so you can pay attention on your music, your schoolwork, and the things that matter most to you.

2) Tablets

From expressing creative ideas to taking notes in class to writing out a quick to-do list, tablets are the best way to get what’s in your brain down on the page.

With tablets such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy, or Amazon Fire tablets, you can browse the web; download books, and much more, wherever you are.

They are the perfect learning companion every student needs!

3) Keyboard case

If you use your iPad to take notes, you'll probably want a good keyboard.

Apple's smart keyboards are lightweight, durable, and provide a great typing experience.

All you have to do is find the right keyboard for your iPad, and see how easy your school life will be!

4) Amazon Echo Speakers

An Amazon Echo Speaker is a treasured gadget for students in numerous ways.

First, it performs as a personal assistant to offer weather updates, helps you decide what to wear before you go to class, keeps you updated with reminders of due dates and exams, and offers writing enthusiasm when you’re pushing the clock to get that essay done.

Second, it can be used for entertainment purposes such as playing music as well as entertain guests when you have your friends over to your dorm for a party.

Whether you use it to schoolwork or to socialize, the Amazon Echo speakers should help comfort the conversion back to school.

5) Smartwatches

The ups and downs of studenthood can disrupt your constant lifestyle.

In a world so unrestrained, you deserve a little help managing your sleep, eating, and fitness routine.

The apple watch may be the right gadget to looking chic and organized on the first day of school.

You can track your daily dos, break up individual tasks and combine them with short breaks (a.k.a. snack time), track and analyze your sleeping habits and also keep your fitness levels in check on a day-to-day basis.

6) Power bank

Remember when phone batteries lasted pretty much the entire day? Yeah, we don’t remember either!

Since the very thought of running out of battery and using the phone less to preserve battery haunts us so much, a portable power bank is considered as one of the most important gadgets for students.

The Samsung dual-port power bank is remarkably well-reviewed and thanks to its dual-port charging ability, it can power two devices simultaneously for additional expediency and lesser hassle.

7) Smartphones

This suggestion may seem fairly obvious, but the number of astounding apps available at your fingertips, as well as numerous knotted to the gadgets above, makes the smartphone a student must-have.


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