Go Renewed: The Steps To A Perfectly Renewed Device

Go Renewed: The Steps To A Perfectly Renewed Device

Go Renewed:  The Steps To A Perfectly Renewed Device

With technology climbing in prices by the year and offering more performance than the average person might need, renewed electronic products are becoming rapidly popular as they give us an opportunity to invest less and make abundant savings in our tech-driven lives.

Teckzu, an e-commerce organization has become the newest member of this platform and offers customers a new seamless online shopping experience for its customers to discover, browse, and purchase Apple certified and renewed electronics that money can buy.

Renewed devices vary from unopened boxes with undamaged seals to almost-new devices with no damages on the exterior body or display screen as well as devices with visible marks.  Each and every device has to undergo a strict in-depth examination before they are listed on the website. This is no easy task as several steps and aspects are taken into account in order to guarantee that the customers receive a fully functional gadget that they will love.

The renewing procedure characteristically comprises of a complete diagnostic test that includes product quality check, data sanitization, technical testing, replacement of any faulty parts, a final cleaning checkup by certified experts and packaging, thus ensuring that the products are fully functional and of the highest quality.

1) Product Quality Check

Once the devices enter the production facility, they will go through a stern product quality check where their cosmetic appearance will be thoroughly inspected to help verify whether the products meet the quality requirements, are in compliance with regulations, and meet any relevant product safety standards.

This is done so as to decide which devices will further undergo the renewal testing procedure and which will not.

2) Data Sanitation & Battery Check

As you all know, some of the renewed devices are almost new whereas some have been used in the past. To ensure that no old data exist, data sanitization is carried out.

Special software is used to erase all the existing data, thus ensuring compliance with data privacy best practices.

Moreover, the current battery life is checked to see if it requires a replacement or not. The normal requirements of a battery life for a renewed device range from 70-80%. If not, the battery will be replaced by a brand new one for faultless performance.

3) Technical Testing

The devices are sorted out according to their cosmetic condition and are subjected to a vigorous technical testing procedure to identify any technical failures.

With utmost care and dedication, the defects are repaired or replaced, therefore making the products free of flaws and guaranteeing proper function.

4) Ultimate Final Check

An ultimate final check and cleaning test will take place to ensure a fully functional battery, perfect display and sound quality. The devices are re-wiped to make sure that no data from the testing process exists, and modified to the most recent software version.

5) Sustainable Repackaging

With a global shift towards fighting climate change, implementing eco packaging in your brand’s operations is no longer an option - it’s a necessity.

After testing every function of the phone to ensure it’s ready to work for you, the devices are resold to the refurbished re-seller. To make sure that the products look and feel as good as new, the product surface is cleaned and then gets repackaged in a protective, branded wrapping made from 100% recycled materials.

This is the final crucial step that will help increase brand loyalty amongst eco-conscious consumers.

Why Choose a Renewed Device?

The biggest fear of people buying “renewed” products is whether the products actually work or not. These products are not like typical used products, in fact renewed products have been tested and mended to make certain that they operate like new and depending on the grading standards also look like new!

 Also, the legal and quality necessities ensure faithfulness to strict safety and quality standards. There is no reason not to buy a renewed product, as it will not only make your account happy but also the environment.


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