Top 10 iPhone Tricks & Hacks - 2021 edition

Top 10 iPhone Tricks & Hacks - 2021 edition

Top 10 iPhone Tricks & Hacks - 2021 edition

Who doesn’t enjoy good tricks & hacks that could simplify & improve our everyday life?

You probably weren't aware of dozens of cool iPhone features that are hidden beneath the surface.

Here are some of the iPhone’s hidden hacks you wished you knew sooner.

 1. Charge battery faster

Just put your iPhone on airplane mode and bam! You’ll notice the difference in no time.

Another way of increasing battery power in less time is using this hack while your phone is completely out of juice.

 Power up, party down and enjoy later.

2. Use your headphone to capture photos

 If you’ve got shaky hands, this hack might just be your savior.

Plugin your iPhone headphones, launch the camera app & just press the volume up or down button and there you have it, a perfect stable picture.

3. Find missing air pods via Siri

 Air pods are one of the coolest iPhone inventions ever.

Wireless headphones? That’s awesome!

 However, being wireless, it’s more prone to get lost.

 Simply ask Siri to "Find My AirPods," and Siri will offer to play a loud tone from your wireless earbuds to assist you in finding them.

4. Scan QR code via camera

 This function exists for quite a while yet few of them are unaware of its working.

To use this feature, simply point your phone's camera at a QR code, and it will be converted to the URL associated with it.

 After that, the camera will ask if you'd like to open the URL in Safari.

5. Get rid of ads

Allowing advertisements to look at your personal information based on your search history is not a good idea.

Go to Settings> Privacy> Advertising> Limit Ad Tracking and turn it on.

Voila, no more annoying ads.

6. Measure objects with your iPhone

Does this happen often? That you want to measure something and you can’t seem to find your measurement tape?

Simply use this hack, open the Measure app, and then slowly scan nearby objects with the iPhone camera.

Place your iPhone in such a way that the object you want to measure is visible on the screen.

7. Type to Siri

Ever felt awkward talking to Siri in public?

Simply follow these rules & you’re golden!

 Start the Settings app on your iPhone; tap Accessibility, scroll down, and tap Siri, and Toggle on Type to Siri.

Pro tip – make sure your phone is on silent mode or else Siri might expose you.

8. Do not disturb while driving

Accidents are more prone to happen when you use your phone.

To avoid any distractions, go to “Do not disturb > Settings”.

Scroll to the bottom & tap Activate (Choose your preferred time of activation).

Turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving.

 When iPhone detects that you might be driving, it will notify you automatically.

9. Teach Siri how to pronounce names correctly

Mispronunciations occur, even for Siri who always happens to be right.

To fix this issue, all you’ll have to say is “Siri that’s not how you pronounce the name” & say your friend’s name.

Siri will then suggest you four pronunciation options & all you need to do is pick the right one.

10. Add multiple faces to face id

Go to Settings on your iPhone, scroll down, and tap Face ID & Passcode.

Enter your passcode, tap on “Set up an Alternate Appearances”, scan your face and follow the on-screen instructions.

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