Return & Exchange

The customer needs to raise a request for a return or an exchange within 14 days from the date of delivery.

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Products which are eligible for returns need to be in the same condition it was delivered in, with the complete product packaging and certificate of authenticity.

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Any product(s) without the original documentation or product(s) that have been damaged or generally adjusted after delivery will not be accepted for return.

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You will not be charged any shipping fees for returning items if the items delivered to you were not as per your order, or damaged when you received them.

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If the device is still connected to the iCloud or Google Play account, the customer service team will contact you to give in your log in details in order to repair, exchange or refund the product. This will eventually prolong the process of refund or exchange.

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How to submit a Return Request?

If you wish to return a product, please follow the below steps to place a Return Request:

  • Go to My Account
  • Click on ‘My Returns’
  • Click on ‘Request New Return’ and select the order you wish to return
  • Select the Order you wish to return in ‘Items In This Order’ tab.
  • Choose the ‘Condition’ and ‘Reason’ for the return of your order
  • Choose the ‘Resolution’ to be either ‘Exchange’ or ‘Store Credit’ based on your preference.
  • You can also add additional information in the text field provided and attach files to support your Request For Return.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ button once you have entered all the required information.

What happens after a Return Request has been placed?

You will be receiving an email with the details of your Return Request.

The concerned team will review your request and get in contact with you within 48 hours from the date of request.

If your Return Request has not been approved due to an invalid return reason, you will be notified, the device will be shipped back to you and will reach you within 3 – 5 days.

If your Return Request has been approved, you will be notified by the concerned team and you can choose to either apply for a refund or an exchange.

What is Teckzu’s exchange process?

  • Returns and Exchanges are only valid on devices which have proven functionality issues. If you wish to exchange a device you have purchased from Teckzu, our concerned team will communicate with you, post-approval of your exchange request.
  • Please mention the device you would like to have your returned device exchanged with.
  • If the price of your desired device is higher than your current device, the difference in price is advised to be paid in Cash at the time of delivery of your new device.
  • If the price of your desired device is lower than your current device, the difference in price will be automatically transferred to Store Credit.
  • The delivery time for the new device is 2 – 3 days from the approval date.
  • The return window for an exchanged device is 7 days from the date of delivery.

What is Teckzu’s Store Credit Policy?

  • Teckzu store credit is an electronic credit system which is a part of your Teckzu Account. It enables you to make purchases with credit that has been refunded to you.
  • The validity of the Store Credit is 1 year from the date of credit, it can be renewed upon request.
  • You can utilize the existing store credit and combine it with Cash on Delivery or Credit/Debit card in case your Store Credit amount is not equal or lesser than the order value.
  • If you wish to transfer your store credit to your bank account, please write an email to
  • The validity to transfer your store credit to your bank account is 3 months for all orders placed by Cash on Delivery
  • The validity to transfer your store credit to your bank account is 6 months for all orders placed by Credit/Debit Card
  • It takes 14 – 30 days for the store credit to be transferred to the bank.